As a welder in Bend Oregon, I have worked in metal for many years and spent the majority of that creating custom trailers in my business, the Trailer Weld Shop. This year I decided to let my creative side have a turn, and this is the result. I am enjoying the opportunity to create these amazing plasma art pieces, and I hope you will too. Steel fabrication has been my life and my passion, and to turn that into steel art is very fulfilling.

You can request one of the pieces you see on this site, or if you would like a custom-made plasma art piece, just contact me and we can make it happen. Every piece of steel art is custom and unique, and I can work from an idea, a photo or even a drawing.

And if you still need custom welding, well I still do that too. I custom-weld utility trailers, raft trailers, do trailer welding and steel fabrication, and even have trailer parts for your every need. For more info, Visit my CNC Steel Fabrication  page.